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Why You Should Get a Pit Bike
Learn a New Sport Today
Pit bikes are a growing trend in the motocross arena. It is ideal for starting riders to begin learning the craft through pit bikes before proceeding to bigger motocross bikes. AJ1 & ZUUMAV Motorcycle have a wide range of bikes including mini, pits, and dirt bikes.

Dirt bike manufacturers have provided enthusiasts with motorbike’s smaller counterpart, the pit bike. Pit bikes have become entry-level dirt bikes for the amateur rider or for someone who wants to test the waters of motorbike riding. However, even season riders still go with pit bikes since its size and function was designed to fit in smaller tracks than motocross. This means you can ride your pit bike in the convenience of your own backyard and not worry about travelling far to get to a nice motocross trail. AJ1 & ZUUMAV pit bikes come in a variety of colors and engine power and are assembled with top of the line parts and components to give you the best riding experience possible.

Why You Should Get a Pit Bike
The pit bikes’ rising popularity is because of the new set of skills it has to offer. Many pit bike riders ride their bikes in the most unusual places such as skate parks, sidewalks, obstacles, and BMX tracks. It offers a whole new level of adventure while enhancing your own physical and mental endurance. In fact, you’ll never truly know what fun you could have with a pit bike unless you ride one. We want you to discover new strengths and skills while enjoying the outdoors.