H3Z 14/12

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Riders can be tough on equipment, and taking a spill is a natural part of learning. But the H3 can handle it. With tough plastic fenders, tank, and other body parts, the H3 is engineered to shrug off the minor dings of the real world.
Sturdy Frame & Swingarm
Less experienced riders are hard on equipment, especially when they're just starting out. That's why the H3 uses a strong, steel frame and swingarm that are built to handle the bumps and dings of off-road riding.
Kick Starter
Even if the bike's been sitting all winter, you still can get going with the H3's kick starter. It's easy for you to use, and it helps insure that your day of fun doesn't stop.
Keyed Ignition
You decide who rides and when because you hold the keys. Got your homework done? Good—let's ride!
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